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Description :

Our Kamjet RRR has been brought to India in technical association with M/s NLB Corp, USA.

With our water jetting system, you can remove pavement or runway rubber faster & more thoroughly than with abrasive methods, without damaging pavements.

1. Completely remove coating, membranes, thermal epoxies and rubber build up even from grooved pavement.

2. Leaves concrete & asphalt undamaged.

3. Create a stronger bond for re-striping.

4. Eliminates dust & debris, using vacuum recovery.

5. Save labour, since fewer operators are needed.

6. Won't expose personnel or the environment to abrasive media and chemicals.

The Kamjet RRR delivers ultra-high water pressure of up to 40,000 psi or 2800 bar in systems that meet a wide range of customer needs, for higher productivity and low operating costs.

Application :

Chassis Mounted Runway Rubber Removing Jetting Equipment