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Description :

Motorised Cabling - Cum - Rodding Machine

  •  Powered by a 0.5 HP,220 volts, 50 Hz, single phase reversible induction motor, the trolly mounted cabling cum rodding machine drives the floexo rigid coiled cables and alloy steel rods through a  compact, 2 speed, planetary, reduction gear box and a timimg belt and pulley drive configuration.
  • Our equipment is effective in removal of light and heavy, stubborn pipe and drain line blockages in pipe diameters ranging from 4 inches to 24 inches depending on which mode of cleaning the sewer   man chooses to use.
  • Our flexible cables or sections of the 7 mm x 1 m long alloy steel sewer cleaning rods make the machine versatile and suitable for both external,internal,light and heavy duty applications.
  • The concept of low speed-high torque drilling is most effective.
  • The standard accessories included are Sand Driller, Flat Auger and Double Cork Screw. A self-powered generator can be optionally attached.

Application :

Generator Powered Motorised Outdoor Drain Cleaner