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Description :
  • Indian first compact yet powerful, hydraulically driven, electro mechanically operated sewer cleaning and maintenance machine, modelled the KAMJET GR is designed for:
  1. De-choking of sewer lines through Power Rodding.
  2. Flushing and de-silting of sewer lines through High Pressure Water Jetting.
  3. Removal of silt and debris from manholes through Mechanical Grabbing.

All the above, without any physical contact with sullage/ waste water and man-entry.

  • A suitable truck chassis (Diesel or CNG) of minimum 60 HP and 4.8 Tons Gross Vehicle Weight is selected to provide the minimum required horsepower and payload for the configuration of the machine.
  • The KAMJET GR is under copyright and industrial design certification 10376/2018-CO/L

Application :

Special Purpose Vehicle mounted - Jetting, Grabbing and Rodding machine