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Description :

M/s Menzi Muck, Switzerland - world renowned manufacturers of Mobile All Terrain Excavators together with Kam-Avida, bring to you the Kam-Mate in models of varying capacities and attachments. We are delighted to present to you an engineering marvel that will start work where a conventional excavator, back hoe loader will fail to even reach.            

Our Kam-Mate may be used for the below applications :

  • De-silting of inaccessible Open Nallahs and Drains
  • Dredging of Canals & Shallow Water Bodies
  • River Bank Reinforcement
  • Stream and Canal Restoration
  • Land Slide Restoration and Protection
  • Disaster Management
  • Border Road Construction
  • Maintenance of Assets that are along the Railway Track but are difficult to access.
  • De-silting of Open Nallahs and Drains along the Tracks.
  • Maintenance of Fixtures and Bridges along the Tracks.
  • Reaching a point of mishap during Rescue Operations.

Application :

Mobile All Terrain Excavator

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