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Why sweeping using our mechanical sweepers is more than just a luxury. Below are some of the reasons why regular, frequent and thorough street sweeping is worth much more than just simply aesthetics:

  • Reduces Sweeping Cost
    A team of 1 driver & 2 helpers together with a Chassis Mounted Vacuum Sweeper can on an average sweep 25 - 30 Km per shift. Manual sweeping would call for a crew of minimum 2-3 sweepers per km. Mechanical sweeping can help minimize the sweeping cost.
  • Protects your Sweeping Crew from Health Hazards
    A recent WHO report states that more than 60% of manual road sweepers suffer from chronic respiratory disorder & lower back pain. They are also exposed to accidents caused by speeding cars. Mechanical sweeping can help protect the sweepers.
  • Reduces Debris in Storm Drains & Sewers
    Runoff from streets is a significant contributor to underground water contamination and pollution in general. Unless removed, all debris on streets eventually makes it to either the storm water lines or into the sewer system. Mechanical sweeping can greatly minimize floods due to clogged storm water lines and sewer lines.
  • Increases Asphalt Life
    Gravel and glass ground into the street by traffic hastens the crumbling of the asphalt. A single piece of gravel driven over by a car is pushed into the asphalt thus dislodging another piece of gravel. Now there are two pieces for the next car, than four, than eight, and so on. Mechanical sweeping can decrease the frequency of expensive resurfacing and repaving.
  • Reduces Accidents and Injury
    Small objects such as grid, sand and slippery slimes (caused by standing water) can cause skids, falls & loss of vehicle control. Mechanical sweeping can decrease the frequency of accidents thus minimize expensive loss of life & property.
  • Trash Breeds Trash, Clean Areas Stay Cleaner
    A study by the Human Resources Institute found that people had little or no objection to discarding litter in dirty or littered areas. It appears that once litter accumulates a reduction in civic pride follows. Mechanical sweeping can decrease the existing level of litter and thus act as a deterrent for further littering.
  • Increased Property Values
    Littered roads and surroundings create a down market environment thereby driving down property value. Mechanical sweeping can prevent such irrational valuation.
  • Comply to SWM 2000 Rules
    The Solid Waste Management 2000 Rules recommend daily sweeping of class A B C D and E streets (city shopping center, market area, city center, suburban shopping center, residential area high & low) respectively by allotting 250 to 300 meters per person where as for class F G H one person per km. mechanical sweeping will ensure 100% compliance.